The system base is composed by up to 2 different, independent cores. Each core can contain 8/10 slots for a total of 16/20 test head slots to accommodate a powerful suite of instrumentation.


Powerful instruments for outstanding performance


LPE series | Multi-processor multi-function channel instrument

LPE is a series of high-density, modular instruments, able to house from 160 to 256 channels in a single instrument slot. Five channel configurations are available to satisfy the different technology needs.

8 Medium-power VI source floating | stackable | gangable


HPE 100 is an 8-channel multi-instrument unit, able to generate and measure 4Q medium-power signals up to ±100V , 2A, up to 16A. A power matrix option allows you to minimize the need of relays on the load board, and power instrumentation installed on the system.

Test Program Generation & Debug < 1 day


  • Easy-to-learn programming environment

  • Guided Test Program generation

  • The Automatic code generation dramatically shortens the time taken to develop, debug and release the program

  • Automatic data import

  • DUT-Oriented & Instrument-Oriented instruction Libraries

  • DUT Map

  • Very Rapid Application Development

  • Test Result Analyzer

  • Shmoo Plot

  • Easy to run. Easy to monitor. Easy to maintain.