Off-Line/In-Line De-paneling 在线/离线分板


o in End-of-line automation solutions

o 全球电子制造后端自动化解决方案提供者

o Cencorp serves customers in Military, Aerospace, Telecommunications, Automotive, Industrial and Home electronics OEMs and CEMs

o Cencorp的客户涉及军工,航天,通讯,汽车,工业及消费电子代工

o Thousands of roots delivered over the years

o 已经交付几千台设备

o   2000 De-paneling units 超过2000台分板机

o   500 odd-forms 超过500台异形件装配机

o   500 assembly cells 超过500台自动装配系统

o   700 test handlers 超过700台测试系统

o   300 lasers 超过300激光应用系统

A.The inventor for bottom- inline router, more than 25 years of development experience. 业界第一个实现底部在线分板,超过25年的开发经验

B.Maintain the highest standards in main criteria such as accuracy/cutting speed/duct removal. 在精度/除尘/切割速度维持业界最高标准

C.Cencorp has full production line for inline, offline, dual-line, bit-router and saw-router 申科谱拥有完整的离线/在线/双轨/铣刀/锯式分板解决方案